Pride Pledge discussion and focus group

As with all social initiatives, the idea of making a public commitment to a set of explicit values is going to be contentious to some. Exactly how we choose to promote these ideas, grow the reach of the Pride Pledge and communicate and grow LGBTTQ+ visibility will also have its fair share of ups and downs.

By its very nature, the "Rainbow" community is diverse. So we can expect that there will be easy agreement on some issues, and others will cause their fair share of debate and discussion.

For this reason, we plan to have a number of forums during the year to hear what members of the community feel and where they would like to lend their support.

Roll out the Rainbow - get your pride on this August / September

Join us this Winter Pride and Roll Out The Rainbow with your store, venue, bar, cafe, office, classroom - or whatever. It's all about getting Queenstown to shine during the biggest Winter Pride festival this year and celebrating PRIDE however you want to!

Take photos and share them by tagging us on facebook Winter Pride NZ or #winterpridenz on instagram and be in the draw to win a number of Winter Pride prize packs. Our judging panel will be lead my MR GAY World - Jordan Bruno.

So, get your rainbows ready and shine from 20 August through till 10th of September 2018 with Roll Out The Rainbow. Have fun and lets show the world how PROUD Queenstown is like never before!

Pride in the Park

Pride Pledge is a key partner bringing the first ever FREE Public Pride in the Park event in Queenstown. Proudly supported by foundation sponsor ASB Bank with additional support from Queenstown Lakes District Council in conjunction the Pride Pledge. This event is going to be spectacular and we are really proud to be involved.

Join us from 12 noon till 8pm for an amazing pride filled afternoon through till evening at Earnslaw Park down on the Queenstown waterfront.

Our talent line up is looking incredible and will grow as we build up to the event. We have drag shows, live singers, comedy, DJs, dance troops, Doggy Drag, and everything in between. We will also be joined by Mayor Jim Boult and MP Louisa Wall for the celebration of the Queenstown Pride Pledge.

FREE event, all welcome. Come dressed in whatever you want to celebrate Pride. Bring the kids, parents, grandparents.

There will be licensed bar areas, VIP bar, and food.

We can't wait to see you down at Earnslaw Park.

Queenstown Lakes District Mayor, Jim Boult, will be signing the Pledge on behalf of the district towards the end of the day. This should be a fun day with a really solid local crowd sahring the love.

Growing visibility by supporting Winter Pride '18

One of the most obvious ways that we are supporting the growth of visibility is by working alongside Winter Pride and the Winter Pride Partners.

However, Winter Pride only lasts for one week of every year, and our values are more enduring than that. They are present every day of the year, everywhere we are.

Although pride festivals are important and are a key aspect of growing inclusion and tolerance in our community, there are a lot of other ways that we can work towards achieving improved visibility. The Pride Peldge initiative, community workshops and workplace training are a few other we have been giving serious consideration to.

What does research tell us about members of the rainbow community feeling safe and included

This year Vodafone and Out Now conducted an extensive piece of research looking at how rainbow workers felt in the workplace.

Findings from the research included:

  • 1 in 5 (21%) said that being out or open at work is the ‘hardest thing they’ve done’
  • Three quarters (76%) of LGBT+ employees have hidden their sexual orientation or gender identity at work at least once.
  • Only 29% of LGBT+ women aged 18-35 are out at work today compared with 44% of men, for fear of discrimination.
  • 83% said that clear and visible signs from managers that they take LGBT+ inclusion seriously are important in helping them to feel comfortable to be out or open at work.
  • 83% would prefer to work for an employer that has visible LGBT+ leaders, and LGBT+ friends, allies and supporters.
    (Read a summary of the research.)

There is also extensive research which some very alarming mental healh issues faced by the rainbow community. To read more about some of these recognised issues read: the 2017 "Suicide prevention and the rainbow population" draft strategy. This NZ Herald Article also makes for informative reading.

Community-based workshops

We have also started to role out community-based workshops, focused on improving understanding of issues around gender and sexuality.

Currently, we offer LGBTTQ+ workshops to two key audiences: existing Winter Pride Partners and the broader business community. We hope to expand these workshops to help our workplaces and community to become more aware and tolerant of issues around gender and sexuality by assisting people to build awareness and understanding. If you are interested in our workplace consulting, advisory or workshops, please contact Martin ( for further information.

Our next Rainbow Inclusive Workplace Workshops are during Winter Pride: Thursday 6 September @ 10:30 am, delivered by Rainbow Tick's Michael Stevens.

We will also be running a forum every 6 months (or there abouts) to help us work more closely within our local community in the Queenstwon Lakes District. Please feel free to register your interest by clicking on the link below.

Remember to take the pledge

And if you are interested in helping out, joining in the discussion or participating in some training, register your interest online and we will contact you.