Welcome to Pride Pledge.

The Pride Pledge is a values-based commitment that organisations and individuals can take to demonstrate their dedication to the safety, visibility and inclusion of the rainbow members of their community and workforce, both internally and externally.

We are now the largest organisation of our kind in Aotearoa.

We currently represent approximately 300 businesses across a range of industries including state sector, hospitality, finance, insurance, tourism, construction, health & more.

We’ve run over 235 Rainbow Awareness Training workshops throughout the country in since 2020, both in person and online, working with close to 8,000 participants. 

And since the launch of our Rainbow Diversity and Inclusion Stocktake, we have more than 50 organisations in our ACTIVE community of practice, meeting monthly.

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Why take the Pledge?

A diverse workplace is
a strong and happy one.

Your commitment to the celebration of all people in your organisation has many benefits.

When employees feel accepted and able to bring their whole selves to work, their organisations see a huge improvement in engagement, wellbeing, and productivity, as well as employee attraction and retention. 

Additionally, organisations who are active and proud in their support for rainbow communities see great improvement in brand reputation, customer engagement, as well as shareholder value.

We commit to all LGBTTQIA+ (rainbow) people having the freedom to be safe, included, healthy and visible and we will use our voice to actively support and celebrate rainbow communities.


"If you are thinking of joining Pride Pledge, it’s a no brainer. Martin’s guidance from the very first time we chatted has absolutely opened our eyes and minds to why Rainbow Inclusiveness needs to be a key priority for our business. The stocktake we just took allows us now to be able to create a meaningful plan and KPIs and to be able to access the expertise from Marty and his team all the way. We are very excited and confident for the new year coming!"
Bastion Shine
Pride Pledge Subscriber 2022
"The Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake provides a valuable insight into Z's rainbow journey. The process is easy to complete, resulting in a detailed report tailored to Z that outlines suitable recommendations we can action. With the ability to benchmark improvements against ourselves and our peers, it becomes integral in our ability to monitor progress. Having the backing of Martin and his team, with the knowledges we've gained through the stocktake, sets Z for future success as we strive for an environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work each and every day."
Mike Bennetts
CEO, Z Energy.
"I attended your Rainbow Awareness training session this morning and just wanted to tell you how fabulous I thought it was! Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for giving just a small snippet of your time to help others to understand just a little bit more about the rainbow community ... Thank you again for an incredible session. Right here, you’ve got an ally who is definitely standing up and speaking up for the entire rainbow whānau #loveforall"
Awareness Training Attendee, 2021. Anonymous for personal reasons.
"We ensure we have a (Pride Pledge) training session every year … The values of the Pride Pledge aren’t a tick box process for us here at RealNZ, they are engrained customs which we practice every day. RealNZ loves working with Martin and the team and we salute the impressive work they have been doing within Queenstown and NZ."
Queenstown Attractions & Activities
"For companies that are thinking about taking the Pride Pledge, I’d strongly recommend it. With diversity comes strength and engagement, your employees are happier, they can be their true selves, and your customers, if they feel truly welcome, then they’ll become your greatest advocates."
Etienne Raubenheimer
Transport Manager, NZ Ski LTD
"Sky is proud to be one of the first organisations to undertake The Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake. The process is simple and has given us a quality assessment of where we're at on our Pride journey. The real value, however, is in the customised action plan and recommendations so that we are best informed as to where to place our focus next. As a result, we're excited about our progress and motivated to continue to make our workplace as inclusive as possible."
Stephanie Whyte
Learning & Development Manager, SKY.

Need a brochure?

Some of our clients require a PDF info pack in order to shop Pride Pledge and our services around their workplace. If this is you, please feel free to download and distribute the brochure below. 

what we do

At Pride Pledge, we offer a wide variety of services to help your organisation and community on your rainbow inclusion and diversity journey. Some of our services include policy consultation, networking, newsletters, resources, training, The Stocktake and visibility campaigns. 

For more information, check out our services page below.