Pride Pledge
Pride Pledge


The Pride Pledge

Pride Pledge is values-based commitment that organisations and individuals can take to demonstrate their dedication to the safety, visibility and inclusion of the rainbow members of their community and workforce.

All people can participate in the Pledge: whether you are a rainbow person or not, as we all can make our support of the rainbow community visible in our workplaces, social spaces and any place where we connect with others.

The Pride Pledge from Diversity Works NZ on Vimeo.

Find out how your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to safety, visibility and inclusion for the Rainbow community

Our Team

We're a small team here at South Pacific Pride! Martin King is the Director of Pride Pledge with more than 20 years experience in Human Resources. He is recognized as one of New Zealand's most progressive diversity leaders. Martin leads our Rainbow Inclusivity Trainings in workplaces and is the brains behind the Rainbow Inclusivity Stocktake.

Mike Hughes is the backbone of the South Pacific Pride enterprise. A former high school teacher, he provides invaluable strategic, administrative and future planning support to all South Pacific Pride portfolios - Pride Pledge, Winter Pride, Roll Out The Rainbow and The Rainbow Excellence Awards.

George Fowler is our newest addition to the Pride Pledge team, coming on board as our Assistant Director in late 2021. George brings a range of skills to the team; including performative talent, production skills, lived experience as a transgender man, and an exceptional ability to operationalise projects.

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Our Services: Rainbow Awareness Training

Our Rainbow Awareness Trainings are informative workshops designed to support organisations and individuals who are wishing to improve their understanding of LGBTTQIA + people and the rainbow communities to which they belong. Rainbow Awareness Training is suitable for anyone wanting to become a better ally, but particularly for those in a professional setting. These sessions are usually 1.5 - 2 hours long and include useful role plays and a Q & A session. They are facilitated by Martin King, the Director of Pride Pledge, who has more than 20 years experience in Human Resources and has taught these trainings for four years.

What does the training cover? Our awareness trainings cover a broad range of useful and topic information including;

  • how to best support LGBTTQIA+ members of your workplace
  • queer terminology and common definitions
  • how to uplift colleagues who are gender transitioning or considering coming out at work
  • Insight into barriers faces by rainbow whanau in the workplace
  • Common scenarios of diversity or inclusion challenges
  • And more.

Sign up for a training! Our next training is online on Wednesday 17th November at 10.30am-12pm. Sign up now.

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Our Services: Monthly Newsletters

Pride Pledge supporters receive short, educational monthly newsletters on a range topics, recent newsletters have been;

  • guidelines on how to better serve transgender patrons in your hospitality venue
  • mental health resources for rainbow whanau
  • ‘What you need to know’ guides to current events like the BDMRR and conversion therapy bills.
  • How to provide gender neutral options on forms
  • guides to supporting rainbow co-workers
  • inclusive bathroom signage
  • handy definitions
  • and much more.

These newsletters also serve subscribing businesses a monthly challenge, to keep our supporters active in this commitment to better rainbow allyship.

These newsletters are free for everyone in your workplace to sign up to and get involved with. Upskill your organisation with these bite-sized, regular, educational resources by signing up now at

Our Services: Policy Consultation

Our experienced team are happy and able to consult with your business on;

  • Policy Review and Development
  • Strategy Review and Development
  • General Advice and Support
  • Development of Surveys
  • Incident and crisis support
  • and many customised options depending on the specific needs of your organisation.

Consulting is available on an hourly rate, and/or a fixed fee, subject to the level of work required. A quote can be provided on request. Get in touch at

Our Services: The Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake

The Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake is a powerful self-evaluation tool to take ‘stock’ of your organisation’s progress in rainbow visibility, support and inclusion.

In just 30 minutes through a simple on-line survey, you can accurately assess where your workplace is at in your rainbow inclusion journey, generate invaluable data, and start to plan for future action and improvements.

To book your Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake, please contact The team at South Pacific Pride Ltd. are excited to announce the integration of this exciting new diagnostic tool into our existing practice and we hope to work with you soon.

For more information, check out out Stocktake info page.

Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake
Please join us in becoming a more inclusive community
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