Pride Pledge
Pride Pledge


The Pride Pledge

The pride pledge is an initiative which aims to raise visibility for safe space in our communities. The focus is to raise awareness of the values of safety, inclusiveness and health for all LGBTTQ+ (rainbow) people.

All people can participate in this: whether you are a rainbow person or not, as we all can make our support of the "rainbow" community visible in our workplaces, social spaces and any place where we connect with others.

The Pride Pledge from Diversity Works NZ on Vimeo.

Find out how your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to safety, visibility and inclusion for the Rainbow community

Consulting and training services

Pride Pledge offers a range of additional services to organisations to support capacity and capability building on their journey towards being an LGBTTQI+ inclusive organisation.

If you are interested in our workplace consulting, advisory or workshops, please contact Martin ( for further information.


· Policy Review and Development

· Strategy Review and Development

· General Advice and Support

· Development of Surveys

Consulting is available on an hourly rate, and / or a fixed fee subject to the level of work required. A quote can be provided on request.


Training and Development is recommended to organisations starting their Diversity and Inclusion journey to improve awareness among leaders and teams, and to empower organisations to have conversations towards becoming inclusive.

One of the key elements of Pride Pledge is the community-based workshops, focused on improving understanding of issues around gender and sexuality.

Currently, we offer LGBTTQ+ RAINBOW 101 workshops a number of key audiences:

  • Pride Pledge businesses,
  • existing Winter Pride Partners,
  • NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards partners, and
  • any organsiation embarking on its rainbow inclusion journey.

These workshops help our workplaces and communities to become more aware and empathetic of issues around gender and sexuality by assisting people to build awareness and understanding. We can tailor this awareness training for your organsiation's own needs and it is quite common for organisations to include an aspect of Rainbow 101 in their new staff induction programmes or leadership development programmes.

"We have engaged Martin to deliver Pride Pledge training at both the senior leadership, middle management and front-line levels. He is an engaging and authentic facilitator who was able to connect at all levels of our organisation. Martin & I worked together prior to our sessions to identify issues that were specifically important to focus on and he respectfully intertwined these into his delivery. "
Kate Batkin, HR Manager, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt

Go Orange acknowledges and embraces people from all walks of life, so the inclusion of Pride Pledge as part of our staff training is a no brainer. The Pride Pledge sessions are so thought-provoking and engaging, we ensure we have a training session every year in the lead up to Winter Pride, and to also keep the company values on diversity and inclusion front of mind for the team. The values of the Pride Pledge aren’t a tick box process for us here at GO, they are engrained customs which we practice every day. Go Orange loves working with Martin and the team and we salute the impressive work they have been doing within Queenstown and NZ.
Head of People and Performance | Go Orange

Our Pledge: To use our voice...

This is a pledge, for everyone who takes it, to use their voice, big or small, to support visibility, safety, tolerance, love, diversity and inclusion.

Part of that visibility is to share your personal commitment on social media, to fly the flag of support proudly, and to make all members of the rainbow community feel welcome, included and safe wherever we have the opportunity to do so.

Of course, there will be some mistakes and learnings on the way, and we believe that - with ample kindness and openness to living our core values - we will be able to fully celebrate our diversity and create a safe and proud space for all.

Take The Pledge

What is our kaupapa?

The Kaupapa of the Pride Pledge is firmly founded on the Pride Pledge values. The way we work with supporting and subscribing organisations is to:
• Work towards building relationships of trusts and a sense of whanaungatanga within our community
• Celebrate ally-ship and the fallibility that we all bring to working together
• Acknowledge that every organisation is at a different starting point and that, with the best of intentions, participating organisations will have a diverse set of strengths and challenges and have differing capacities to action these values
• Value different perspectives and opinions in an ongoing quest for improvement
• Accept that we will all make mistakes and from this we can learn
• above all else, be kind to each other

If you would like to contact The Pride Pledge organisers directly, or

Pride Pledge LGBTTQ+ Visibility, Safety and Inclusion grants and funding

In 2020 we focused on growing diverse events on Karangahape Road through our Roll Out the Rainbow Campaign, in Auckland. Pride Pledge set up a small funding grant for events, in partenrship with Karangahape Business Association and the Auckalnd City Council, where Rainbow-friendly charities, including Rainbow Youth and Merge Lifewise Trust, received grants for hosting a few rainbow-focused events within the community, and two of our more established rainbow-event organisers, Urge Events and Sister Events (in association with Phoenix Cabaret) hosted a number of events over the summer.

For more information on this explore the information online on the Roll Out The Rainbow capaign.

Each year we give up fudnign to a number of different events, performers, prodcuers and talent . In 2019 we granted two $500 seed grants to individuals or organisations who are actively trying to build their capacity to do a combination of the following – in order to grow VISIBILITY, SAFETY and INCLUSION for LGBTTQ+ people:

  • safe and inclusive spaces
  • specialist spaces for marginalized groups
  • raising visibility
  • improving safety or wellbeing
  • opportunities for inclusion
  • opportunities for LGBTT+ people to thrive and succeed.

Projects do not have to focus on the entirety of the LGBTTQ+ spectrum, but favourable consideration will be given to those with a proven track record of delivering on projects, and those who focus on the minority within the minority, so to speak. The grant is a one off and is meant to help build sustainability for the awarded projects in any way that the recipient sees fit as long as it aligns with the conversations and communications associated with the grant application.

Most recipients will have an ongoing relationship with projects connected to one of the Pride Pledge’s other initiatives (although if you don’t, please don’t let this stop you from getting in contact). There is a mutual understanding that recipients will actively promote the core Pride Pledge values of Safety, Visibility and Inclusion in their work and will clearly and proudly communicate that the Pride Pledge supported them on promotional material and with their followers on social media. How this looks will vary from project to project as the grant itself is not intended to be spent on graphic design and promotion of our brands – that would defeat the purpose.

Pride Pledge does not have to award any grants in any given year and there are no application deadlines. If you think your project is aligned with the intent of this grant, please contact us and let’s take the conversation from there.

Pride Pledge has no obligation to justify declining a grant allocation and reserves the right not to enter into any further discussion if a request is unsuccessful.

Email Mike if you are interested in applying for a Pride Pledge Seed Grant.

Recipients of the Pride Pledge Grants:
2019:Both this year's recipiens have created safe spaces which improve visibility and inclusion through performance.

Contact the team

When I say us, we are a tiny team working mainly on the Winter Pride Festival, Pride pledge and the New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards, under the structure of a single limited liability company (South Pacific Pride Ltd).

Mike and Martin are the two directors, and there are a number of other amazing volunteers who help us from time to time, especially during crunch preiods around the Winter Pride Festival and the New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards.

Our contact emails are and

If you need to reach out to us about anything, please feel free to email.

More about South Pacific Pride Limited

Who are the Pride Pledge's key supporters?

We have, over the last couple of years, secured the support of a number of key people and organisations who have helped us to make this initiative possible:

  • The Queenstown Lakes District Council has supported these values through enabling the Rainbow Crossing on Beach Street and some other funding for aspects of the Winter Pride Festival, both of which raise visibility in our community
  • Ray White (Queenstown) are a highly valued foundation partner, enabling the development of our website, and social promotion campaign, as well as the establishment fo the Queenstown Pride Pledge Comunity.
  • Karen Boult, QLDC Mayoress, patron of the Pride Pledge, has put up her hand to help raise awareness and to support the celebration of our inclusive values.
  • Winter Pride, contributed considerable goodwill and support to developing an inclusive values base which lives all year round, far beyond the Winter Pride Festival itself.
  • a range of diversity and LGBTI+ focused charities and not-for-profits whose work aligns with our work have lent us behind the scenes moral support and a good dose of advice, guidance and thought-partnership, including Diversity Works, Inside Out, Qtopia, Rainbow Youth, NZ Rainbow Charitable Trust and Rainbow Tick. See our charitable and not-for-profit community on our supporters page.
  • For a full list of supporters see the supporters page.

Pride Pledge now enables and / or supports:

We have also developed:

  • a "Trans Safe Tips" guide for organisations who needs to check ID and want sot be come more trans-safe - email if you would like some copies to help your organisation.
  • Central Otago Support Resource - which helps LGBTT+ people and their whanau find appropriate rainbow-focused support should they need it. If you need a physical copy, contact the team and we shoudlbe able to get one ouot to you.

For a full list of supporters and partners, please look at the supporters page.

The Pride Pledge is run as a social enterprise by South Pacific Pride Ltd. All money raised goes towards covering administration and operational costs.

Central Otago Support Resource
Please join us in becoming a more inclusive community
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