What is Pride Pledge?

Pride Pledge is a commitment.

The Pride Pledge is a values-based commitment that organisations and individuals can take to demonstrate their dedication to the safety, visibility and inclusion of the rainbow members of their community and workforce, both internally and externally.

We work with you 365 days of the year. We are not an accreditation service but rather a supporting partner – working consistently with our subscribing organisations to incrementally improve their commitment to diversity. Rainbow inclusion is not a destination, but a continuous journey. The work is never done.


Need a brochure?

Some of our clients require a PDF info pack in order to shop Pride Pledge and our services around their workplace. If this is you, please feel free to download and distribute the brochure below. 

what we do

Policy consultation

Our experienced team are happy and able to consult on Policy Review and Development, Strategy Review and Development, General Advice and Support, Development of Surveys and more.

rainbow Awareness training

These informative workshops are designed to support organisations and individuals who are wishing to improve their understanding of rainbow communities, suitable for anyone wanting to become a better ally.

resources & newsletters

Pride Pledge supporters receive short, educational newsletters on a range topics which serve subscribing businesses a monthly challenge, to keep our supporters active in this commitment to better rainbow allyship.

the Stocktake

Our Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake is a powerful self-evaluation tool to take ‘stock’ of your organisation’s progress in rainbow visibility, support and inclusion, in just 30 minutes through a simple on-line survey.


We offer opportunities throughout the year for our members to share learning and resources, including our monthly collaboration meetings for our Pride Pledge ACTIVE subscribers.


To celebrate the pioneering work of organisations in Aotearoa committed to this cause, we run an annual awards ceremony - The New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards. This is a project we work closely on with our partners Rainbow Tick.

Learn more about our services here:

Martin King

director & founder

Martin King (he/him) is the Director of Pride Pledge with more than 20 years experience in Human Resources. He is recognised as one of New Zealand’s most progressive diversity leaders. Martin leads our Rainbow Inclusivity Trainings in workplaces and is the brains behind the Rainbow Inclusivity Stocktake.

Mike Hughes


Mike Hughes (he/him) is the backbone of the South Pacific Pride enterprise. A former high school teacher, he provides invaluable strategic, administrative and future planning support to all South Pacific Pride portfolios – Pride Pledge, Winter Pride, Roll Out The Rainbow and The Rainbow Excellence Awards.

George Fowler

gender D&I advisor

George Fowler (he/him) brings a range of skills to the team; including performative talent, lived experience as a transgender man, and an exceptional ability to operationalise projects. He currently works as a consultant for SPP on specific issues and projects.