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Rainbow discussions, events and research which influence our work locally

As with all social initiatives, the idea of making a public commitment to a set of explicit values is going to be contentious to some. Exactly how we choose to promote these ideas, grow the reach of the Pride Pledge and communicate and grow LGBTTQ+ visibility will also have its fair share of ups and downs.

By its very nature, the "Rainbow" community is diverse. So we can expect that there will be easy agreement on some issues, and others will cause their fair share of debate and discussion.

For this reason, we will try and use this page as a place to share current research and key events which are informing some of our work.

Read some of our updates and newlsetters (which should hopefully capture some of our work and achievements to date...):

The New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards and Development Forum

The Pride Pledge team have worked hard bring The New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards to fruition. The Rainbow Awards are designed to bring current and aspiring Rainbow Tick organisations together to learn, share and celebrate rainbow inclusion practices across New Zealand.

There are a range of award categories, structured to capture some of the depth and breadth of progress being made by our colleagues across a wide range of organisations and industries.

The awards are judged by some of New Zealand's leading rainbow inclusion experts and will provide useful insights for all of us to learn from and contribute to.

We welcome all to join us to share in discussion and exploration of our community's deeper and more challenging learnings from the last year at the Development Forum.

Some of our colleagues have made significant progress with rainbow programmes, policies and practices, in some very challenging and diverse environments. What are others doing, how are they doing it and what are their learnings?

We are also delighted to be working alongside the NZ Rainbow Charitable Trust to build and develop their scholarship programme through this initiative.

Find out more about The NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards

Roll out the Rainbow - get your pride on this August / September (Queenstown) and January February (Auckland)

Join us in Auckland and Queenston this year by getting involved with Roll Out The Rainbow in your workplae with your store, venue, bar, cafe, office, classroom - or whatever. Let's make your pride visible in your own way.

If you are an event organsiare or a venue in Auckland and would like a little financial support to make an event happen, then have a look a the information on the ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW page and see if you are eligible for funding.

Roll out the Rainbow - further information and funding support

ASB Pride in the Park

Pride Pledge is a key partner bringing the ASB Pride in the Park event to Queenstown, a free event for all who support values of love, tolerance and inclusion of LGBTTQI+ people. Proudly supported by foundation sponsor Ray White and ASB Bank with additional support from Queenstown Lakes District Council in conjunction with the Pride Pledge. This event was spectacular in 2018 and we are really proud to have been involved.

ASB Pride in the Park was even bigger in 2019, with amn esitmate 15,000 attendees. We need to give a big thank you to our volunteers at Queenstown Resort College for all their help and work during the day, as well as our volunteers from ASB Bank, The Queenstwon Lakes District Council , amongst the many others. None of this would have been able to happen without everyone chipping in ang giving their support. We look forward to a similar level of community engagement in 2020.

The day went from 12 noon till 8pm, from an amazing pride filled afternoon through till evening at Earnslaw Park down on the Queenstown waterfront. And the weather was spectacular.

Our talent line up was incredible and will we hope to build on this for 2019. We had drag shows, live singers, comedy, DJs, dance troupes, Doggy Drag, and everything in between. We will also be joined by Mayor Jim Boult.

And it was also our final fundraising day for teh lcoal rainbow focused youth trust, Spectrum Club, part of Wakatipu Youth Trust, who raised $2168.80 over the week, including at our Charity Race Day up the Remarkables.

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Growing visibility by supporting Winter Pride

One of the most obvious ways that we are supporting the growth of visibility is by working alongside Winter Pride and the Winter Pride Partners.

However, Winter Pride only lasts for one week of every year, and our values are more enduring than that. They are present every day of the year, everywhere we are.

Although pride festivals are important and are a key aspect of growing inclusion and tolerance in our community, there are a lot of other ways that we can work towards achieving improved visibility. The Pride Pledge initiative, community workshops and workplace training are a few other we have been giving serious consideration to.

We encourage all the organisations and people we work with to take the Pledge. We are not an acrediting organisation, so we don't audit and check who is "living up to" the values. We see that as a shared responsibility with our community so, as members of the public, please have conversations and dialogue with others in the community about how we can all, respectfully and with dignity and kindess, become a more inclusive and safe place.

Find out more about Winter Pride

What does research tell us about members of the rainbow community feeling safe and included

One of the most recent local research projects was relaease in May 2019 by Rainbow Tick: NEW ZEALAND WORKPLACE
. THis data shows that, as a society, we still ah ve a long way to go towards become truly equal. Over time, it will beinteresting to see what shifts there are in perceptions of "rainbow' people wihtin their workplaces. In NZ's Rainbow Tick workplaces:

  • 83% of LGBT+ employes feel that they can "be themslves" at work, although only 78% are out at work (within Rainbow Tick organsiations)
  • 60% of LGBTI+ feel their organisations need to do mroe to improve workplace inclusion
  • 22% of LGBTI+ employes have heard negative commentary from leaders within their workplaces related to LGBTI+ status.

In 2018 Vodafone and Out Now conducted an extensive piece of research looking at how rainbow workers felt in the workplace.

Findings from the research included:

  • 1 in 5 (21%) said that being out or open at work is the ‘hardest thing they’ve done’
  • Three quarters (76%) of LGBT+ employees have hidden their sexual orientation or gender identity at work at least once.
  • Only 29% of LGBT+ women aged 18-35 are out at work today compared with 44% of men, for fear of discrimination.
  • 83% said that clear and visible signs from managers that they take LGBT+ inclusion seriously are important in helping them to feel comfortable to be out or open at work.
  • 83% would prefer to work for an employer that has visible LGBT+ leaders, and LGBT+ friends, allies and supporters.
    (Read a summary of the research.)

There is also extensive research which highlights some very alarming mental health issues faced by the rainbow community. To read more about some of these recognised issues read: the 2017 "Suicide prevention and the rainbow population" draft strategy. This NZ Herald Article also makes for informative reading.

Vodafone and Out Now Research

On the business leadership front, PWC released some interesting Australian based research with key findings that showed that progress on inclusion in Australia is being made – 98% of the high potential LGBT+ employees in our survey would recommend their place of work to an LGBT+ friend, compared to 94% in the U.S. and Europe, and 88% in Asia.
Australian participants also report that their organisations are among the most active champions of LGBT+ rights of any region in the survey. Nearly two-thirds describe their employers as advocates for LGBT+ equality, much higher than responses from the U.S. (45%), Asia (33%), and Europe (24%).

This research also showed that 57% of those surveyed were not out during a job interview process and nearly 60% of Australian participants (59%) have avoided mentioning their life outside work!

PWC's Out to Succeed in Australia Survey 2018

And on a more fun note, for businesses looking to "come out of the closet"

This research reminds us of how businesses can increase visibility and how to make a business case for doing it: Why Brands come out of the closet.

Do you work in schools / are you a teacher?

Then you will probably find this research and resources designed by the Ministry of Education for as guides for schools about teaching sexuality education and supporting LGBTIQA+ students.


Community-based workshops

We have also started to role out community-based workshops, focused on improving understanding of issues around gender and sexuality.

Currently, we offer LGBTTQ+ RAINBOW 101 workshops to two key audiences: existing Winter Pride Partners, NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards and the broader business community. We hope to expand these workshops to help our workplaces and community to become more aware and tolerant of issues around gender and sexuality by assisting people to build awareness and understanding. If you are interested in our workplace consulting, advisory or workshops, please contact Martin ( for further information.

We update, through our mailing list and facebook page, on upcoming training and volunteer opportunities.

Remember to take the pledge

And if you are interested in helping out, joining in the discussion or participating in some training, register your interest online and we will contact you.

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