Charities and other not-for-profit supporting organisations

As you are aware, our Pride Pledge work is not-for-profit and is focused on raising visibility, inclusion and safety for LGBTTQI+ people within Aotearoa.

There are a number of other not-for-profit or charitable organsiations whose work is very closely aligned to ours and we would like to work with them and support them to do their work.

If you are or know of another organisation which has some very obvious overlap and synergy with the work that we do, we would like to hear from them.

We raise our funding through event sponsorship and annual supporters' subscriptions and we have a hunch that other rainbow charities and not-for-profits across Aotearoa don’t have the funding or funds to pay for a subscription to support us.

If you represent a charity of not-for-profit organisation and need a zero-fee not-for-profit subscription to Pride Pledge as an organisational supporter, please don’t hesitate to email, with your logo and organisation’s URL and I will add you to our subscribers' list as a charity / not-for-profit who is working to achieve the same goals as us. You will also receive our subscription pack as a supporter.

Pride Pledge social media also regularly shares research, good news stories or information on other initiatives which advance inclusion, safety and visibility for rainbow people. If you are a registered supporter, then feel free to message us and make us aware of your work so that we can share it on our news feeds and cross promote your charitable initiatives. We can’t guarantee to share all the media we are asked to promote, but we will do our best to give fair air time to a range of community initiatives.