Pride Pledge ACTIVE

The South Pacific Pride team are excited to introduce a new tool to help you fast-track your commitment to rainbow diversity and inclusion  in 2022 – Pride Pledge ACTIVE!

ACTIVE is a status that indicates that your organisation has not only taken the Pride Pledge, but also taken the Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake and is actively committed to:

We’ve created custom digital assets for you to use to show that you are ACTIVE in accelerating your progress in rainbow inclusion in your workplace.

There are no additional fees associated with ACTIVE, just the standard prices of the Stocktake. 

Collaboration Meetings

Being a Pride Pledge ACTIVE Member also gives you access to our monthly collaboration meetings – a way to network with fellow organisations, share tips and progress, and collaboratively problem-solve.

These online sessions also feature guest speakers who are experts on the monthly topic at hand to answer questions and give you the info and skills to level up your commitment quickly. 

For more information, see our Networking page below. 

Are you a Not-For-Profit?

NFPs receive a 15% discount on all Pride Pledge services. 

It’s completely free, or discounted, for not-for-profits to sign on as Pride Pledge members. This arrangement depends on organisation size, situation and level of funding. To discuss a custom subscription rate for your organisation, and to arrange your discount, please get in touch.