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Roll out the Rainbow

Roll out the Rainbow is an initiative that provides an opportunity for the whole community to visibly show their support for the inclusion of all rainbow people within our community. Pride Pledge runs a Roll out the Rainbow initiative in Queenstown, sponsored by the Queenstown Airport Corporation and another in the Karangahape Road Business District in Auckland (run in partnership with the Karangahape Road Business Association).
For more information on our two major collaborating organisations for Roll Out The Rainbow, follow the links below.

Winter Pride Karangahape Road Business Association

KBA-Pride Pledge summer 2020 "ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW" collaboration

Karangahape Road Business Association ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW January and February 2020

KBA and Pride Pledge are collaborating this summer to bring you ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW in the Karangahape Road Business Community.

How visibly proud can you make your workplace, shop front, cafe, street, or apartment? Let's really get out there and paint the town rainbow.

As part of the initiative, KBA and Pride Pledge are looking to support a range of diverse and inclusive LGBTTI+ targeted events in the Karangahape Road area. Together we can foster the development of Visibility, Safety, and Inclusion of all LGBTTI+ people in our community.

Please read the information below for more information on funding possibilities for events during the Karangahape Road Roll Out The Rainbow initiative.

KBA ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW invitation to event organisers

KBA-Pride Pledge are calling all LGBTTI+ event organisers who are interested in running an event in the K' Road Business District from 10th January to the end of February 2020 to register their event and apply for funding.

This year's overall funding budget is capped at $5000 ($2500 of the budget coming from KBA, and the other $2500 from Pride Pledge). Currently the grants are limited to $500 per ROTR event.

Criteria for funding

  • your event is targeted at an LGBTTI+ audience (or a clear sub-section of the LGBTTI+ audience)
  • you are consciously and actively promoting LGBTTI+ visibility, safety, and inclusion through your event
  • your event is located in the KBA district
  • your event (or series of events) occurs between 10 January and the end of February
  • if your event(s) fall within the Auckland Pride Festival (between 1-16 of February) you must be willing to register through Auckland Pride's website: Auckland Pride Festival Registration (Note: With this, your event will receive additional promotion and reach through Auckland Pride.)
  • you must be willing to create a Facebook event page with Pride Pledge as a shared host

Further ROTR event application considerations:

  • adds to the breadth of the audience to the KBA-ROTR campaign
  • has a proven track-record of event delivery
  • builds opportunities for diverse talent to work
  • makes existing LGBTTI+ events more sustainable and viable
  • contributes to an overall improvement in LGBTTI+ event viability and / or diversity in event type, audience, talent and / or space.

For the full funding, your chosen venue and your organisation will need to be official supporters of the Pride Pledge Values. Pride Pledge does not fund or underwrite any event that doesn't explicitly and publicly aim to uphold the Pride Peldge Values of safety, visibility and inclusion.

We would like to thank the Auckland City Council for providing partial funding in support of the Karangahape Road Roll-Out-the-Rainbow initiative.

How do you do register as a values supporter?** Go to the Pride Pledge website and take the pledge as an organisation.
How much does this cost?** All KBA members can register their support for free and all not-for-profits, charities and genuine social enterprises may also register for zero fee (just email after taking the Pride Pledge and tell us you are a not-for-profit and we won't invoice you). For businesses that are in business to make a profit and which aren't KBA members, there are nominal annual supporter subscription fees to support our work. Further pricing information is on the website.
Can I get partial funding if I don't take the Pride Pledge?** Yes, you can, but it does raise the question as to why you want funding for an LGBTTI+ event if you aren't able to make a public commitment to supporting the values of safety, visibility and inclusion through your work. Pride Pledge won't fund your event, but KBA may still choose to grant you partial funding.

Register your event for KBA-Roll Out the Rainbow funding

Events Partially Funded by KBA Roll Out The Rainbow 2020

ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW, Pride Pledge and Winter Pride

A deep collaboration between local businesses to foster visibility, safety and inclusion

Winter Pride works closely with the local community to bring a truly epic ROLL OUT THE RAINBOW experience to Queenstown every August / September.
Underpinning the commitment is the financial support from the Queenstown Airport Corporation who have taken the opportunity to get involved with Rainbow 101 training (inclusivity and awareness training) for its staff and to encourage affiliated businesses within the airport complex to do the same and really make the experience as safe and as inclusive as possible. This could be one of the reasons why the 2020 Winter Pride guest survey indicated that 100% (yes that is right, 100%) of guests at the festival felt safe to be themselves. For those who are familar with rainbow traveller surveys, a recent global survey found that almost 100% felt unsafe being themselves travelling - so these initiatives do help create the right type of environment for rainbow people.
Pride Pledge proudly funds or underwrites the development of (preferably) free events, but also the promotion of LGBTTI+ talent and diverse safe spaces which are often complex and expensive to bring to fruition.
At Winter Pride the Pride Pledge and Roll-Out-The Rainbow initiatives include:

  • the Trans and Allies Cocktails evening (free)
  • Ladies Night (free)
  • Apres Ski (over seven nights)
  • ASB Pride in the Park 2019 (with approximately 15,000 attendees at this free event)
    - Rainbow Storytime, free drag library reading for primary school children (free)
  • Wakatipu College rainbow awareness presenter (Free)
  • Pride Zones on the mountains every day of the festival (free)
  • a wide range of visibly gender diverse talent including Hugo Grrrl, Anita W'Glit, Kita Mean, Kola Gin, Nova Starr and many more across both paid and free events
  • and of course all the shopfronts, bars, restaurants, cafes, workplaces and buildings which dress themselves up and roll out their own rainbows in their own way.
    We are really proud of supporting the work of such a vibrant festival, including the rainbow awareness training undertaken by all offical Winter Pride venues, most security, and many others in the Winter Pride festival supply chain. Being a part of bringing a broader range of non-commercially viable events to the community is also really special, specifically ones which open up and challenge strereotyped sexuality and gender thinking such as rainbow storytime, school visits, and open pride zones in traditonally rainbow-people-invisible environments like our incredible mountains.
Please join us in becoming a more inclusive community
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