Roll Out The Rainbow

Rolling out visibility.

Roll Out The Rainbow (ROTR) is an initiative that provides an opportunity for the whole community to visibly show their support for the inclusion of all rainbow people within our community.

Local businesses, and other organisations get to ‘dress’ their stores, vehicles and offices with pride colours to visibly celebrate diversity. These ROTR campaigns typically occur during  a pride season or similar festival in their local areas.

Visibility is one of the core values of Pride Pledge – to assist businesses to not just adopt inclusive and diverse policies, but also to display that pride boldly. With this, the ROTR brand provides the opportunity to create a ‘call for action’ and ‘campaign’ that everyone can get involved with during a focussed period of time.

Roll Out The Rainbow was born and grown in Queenstown in 2017 as part of the Winter Pride Festival, and is currently in it’s fifth year of active campaigns. We launched our first Auckland campaign with the K’Road Business Association in 2020.

Our Campaigns

Pride Pledge supports Roll Out The Rainbow initiatives in;

In 2022, we aim to encourage all Pride Pledge supporters anywhere in New Zealand to get involved in Roll Out The Rainbow in their regions. We are currently working on Roll Out The Rainbow Waiheke Island with Waiheke Island Tourism.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in turning your local area rainbow, get in touch! We’d love to support with resources, flags, networking and more.