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Pride Pledge

South Pacific Pride Limited

South Pacific Pride Limited is a management company which owns and manages Pride Pledge, Winter Pride and the New Zealand Excellence Awards.

South Pacific Pride Limited specialises in consulting, event management and training with a "rainbow" focus on diversity and inclusion. The Pride Pledge underpins our core values as a group of businesses and we run the businesses as social enterprises which focus on tangibly creating more visible, inclusive and safe communities for LGBT+ people.

South Pacific Pride Limited - who are we?

South Pacific Pride Limited is a small family owned business run by Martin King and Mike Hughes with functions as a social enterprise focusing on improving safety, visibility and inclusion for "rainbow" people in NZ. George Fowler as joined the team from late 2021 as Assistant Director for Pride Pledge and Winter Pride.

South Pacific Pride owns and manages:

The Pride Pledge underpins our core values as social enterprises which focus on tangibly creating more visible, inclusive and safe communities for LGBT+ people.

If you are interested in becoming a Winter Pride sponsor or supporter, please see our Winter Pride Sponsorship page.

FAQ about the structure and work of South Pacific Pride Ltd.

Q: Are you a charity?
A: No, we are a social enterprise, which means that we focus our energy on making social change and improvement according to our core values (Pride Pledge). We are not a listed charity.

Q: How does South Pacific Pride get its revenue?
A: We get our funding mainly through sponsorship, community level subscriptions for specific initiatives and ticket sales. The breadth of our support from a range of businesses is testament to the wide support we have in our broader community for the work that we do. We get a very limited amount of funding specifically for free events which ensure access to all (especially locals) from the Queenstwon Lakes District Council. This totalled approximately $25,000 in 2018. We get ZERO funding from Destination Queenstown or Tourism NZ. We therefore rely heavily on private community based sponsorship, corporate sponsorship and volunteer help to keep our events and training running.

Q: What opportunities are there to financially support "rainbow-focused" social initiatives through South Pacific Pride?
A: There are a range of sponsorship and subscription-type opportunities depending on what type of support you want to give or how you would like to collaborate with us. The most affordable and broadest levels are:

  • the Pride Pledge annual subscriptions for organisations
  • community sponsorship for Winter Pride
  • sponsorship of the New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards

There are also opportunities for specific event sponsorship at naming level, event naming and category sponsorship with all three businesses:

  • the NZ Rainbow Excellence Awards
  • Winter Pride specific events
  • Pride Pledge specific events.

We are also open to enabling support (either cash or support in kind) from organisations, usually starting at an in-kind value of $2,500+. Please feel free to contact Martin King to discuss the opportunities in this space.

Explore the following link for more details on sponsoring Winter Pride and / or The Pride Pledge:

For information on The New Zealand Excellence Awards sponsorship opportunities, email Martin King.

Please join us in becoming a more inclusive community
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