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Pride Pledge


Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who have made their support of the inclusive Pride Pledge values visible in our community. Without your proud support we would not be able to work towards increasing visibility, raising awareness of LGBTTQ+ issues and needs or run "rainbow" workshops to help make our workplaces safe.

A very big thank you to you all for your support

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Pride Pledge Charitable and Not-for-Profit Community

Pride Pledge works alongside a number of not-for profts, charities and community focused organisations who are values aligned in terms of the work we do. These are some of the community organisations who are Pride Pledge supporters.

Queenstown Pride Pledge Community

Queenstown Pride Pledge Community

The Queenstown Pride Pledge Community is the founding Pride Pledge Community in Aotearoa / NZ and it was from the support of this dynamic little town that this initiative has grown. This community has, since day one, engaged with rainbow training opportunities, supporting local pride events and sincerely doing their best to become a more inclusive and a safer town for all. If you are in town or from town, please remember to support those who support us.

Our community has a very engaged and supportive patron, Karen Boult, Mayoress (Queenstown Lakes District Council), of Ngāi Tāhu descent.

"It is my great honour to be patron of the Pride Pledge. I am immensely proud of our district’s commitment to championing tolerance, inclusion and diversity. This initiative encourages and rewards work environments which provide all LGBTTQ+ people with a safe and healthy workplace where they are free to be themselves.

As I have been, you will be thrilled to see that so many of our local businesses have wholeheartedly embraced the pledge and proudly display their commitment to it.

Our family too, through our work and community engagement, stand side by side with our local businesses in recognising that diversity builds strong communities and vibrant societies and we think that should be celebrated!"

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K'Road Pride Pledge Community - newly signed up and currently under construction.

K' Road Community

The K'Road Business Association has signed up the local K' Road Community as a Pride Pledge Community. We are currently in the process of launching our community drive for individual businesses to take The Pride Pledge and sign up, so watch this space.

Founded in 1924, the K' Road Business Association (KBA) is an incorporated society whose aim is to foster the economic development of the K' Road precinct. It does through delivering a comprehensive programme of marketing and events, networking opportunities and advocacy to local bodies. It is a partner with Auckland Council in its city-wide Business Improvement Programme (BID Programme) and derives its income from a separate rate collected by council from business and property owners within its precinct boundary and returned to the KBA.

It is governed by an executive committee and a constitution outlining its rules of operation.

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Newmarket Pride Pledge Community - newly signed up and currently under construction.

Newmarket Pride Pledge Community

The Newmarket Business Association has signed up the local Newmarket Community as a Pride Pledge Community. We are currently in the process of launching our community drive for individual businesses to take The Pride Pledge and sign up, so watch this space.

The Newmarket Business Association (NBA) came into existence in 1937. In the early days business owners and residents formed the committee to represent members and report to the local Borough Council. Representatives would attend Council meetings and share members’ concerns as it pushed for change or defended local rights.

After amalgamation into Auckland City in 1989 the Business Association governance continued to be driven by a group of committed people who were determined to ensure Newmarket’s voice was heard …. all giving their time voluntarily. Today the Newmarket Business Association is lead by Chief Executive Mark Knoff-Thomas, funded under The Auckland City BID Programme is a partnership model. This offers the best chance of achieving positive business and economic outcome of business districts, and also offers opportunities to continue to push for positive change, just like at Newmarket's founding.

Today, Newmarket bills itself as Auckland's premiere fashion, shopping and entertainment district.

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Laurence Boyd Sunita Martin Clodagh Armstrong Casey Gibson Brad Canning Elaine Collins Cameron Craven DuPlessis Van Der Merwe Meher Ghadiali Tracy Douchy Chloe Hamilton Te One Matthews Christina Dehar Kyle Sutcliffe Millie Turton Sufyan Afiz Alex Harris Emma Preston V Anon F W Terina Ihaka Nicole Shadbolt Taylor Tito Janna Norman Janna Norman Mark Paterson Morgan Hands Nisha Narayan Marcus Shepherd Jen Byrn Chanelle Lucas Chanelle Lucas Troy Roberts Summer Davies Karleigh-Jayne Jones Rebeca Barnes Braeden Saul Matt Law Janice Wang Isaac Swain Francine MAPENZI Paula Williams Rohan Fozzy Anya Henarath Jim Smith mike hughes Martin King Steve van Kampen Craig Watson Vernette Roberts Katy Price Jorge Luis Cruzado Diana Mendes Jessica Harkins Camille Coppola John MacDonald ABHAY PATIL Guillermo Alonso Linda Hughes Julia Najmann Jendi Paterson Jim Boult Olivia Ray Karen Boult James William Boult Dougal Herd Vanessa Watson Cheryl Hepburn Victoria Boult Kerry O'Donnell Deirdre McDonald Simon Henderson Renee Jessup Matthew Tyrrell Steve van Kampen Mike de Raad Ross McRobie Anna Shorey Leanne Ray Jess Machray Quinn Huber Joss Shurey Nikolas Krawchenko Birthe Svendheim Darren Lovell alexa forbes Mark Carrick Felix Mouttaki Lauren Russell Delana Saro Bella Preston Larry Fricker Glenn Sorensen Penny Clark Louis Gilchrist David Martin Lauren Dickson Vicky Wong Meg Weedon Shaun Hawthorne Jason McKiernan Louisa Ellis-Cook Kamron Hart Luke Ashall Jen Houltham Jason Medina James Woodcock Jillian Stanton Mia O'Keefe Rowan Biggs Beatrice Onions Ruby Riethmuller Reece Hallum Kate Ward Katie Hensman Amber Cunneen Emily Wilkinson Rushton Hauser Lee Richardson Christopher Wale Rohan Hora Marina Honda Dee Robinson Tessa Martin Hannah McInally Peter Boyer Leo Munro Rosa Ellis-Cook Beth Denston Hugh Taylor Angus Neale Annabelle Temperton Samantha Perry Richard Crouch fiona cavanagh Campbell Weal Esmond Paterson Xavier King Bella Park Sasha Morgan Haruka Arai Karina Tickle LeeAnne Kruger Orla Fitzpatrick Sonia Voldseth Cameron Ryall Vincent McIvor Catherine Stewart Emma Turner Lea Faulkner Anja O'Connor Stephanie Arrowsmith Rebeca Barnes Luise Martin Tim Hunter Lisa Anderson Helen Rafferty Alana Winter SIMON DAVIES Judi Davies Michelle Frazer Kate Middleton Philippa Thomas Bart Gale Melissa Erskine Jo Dobb Jono Browne Jamie Wood TRACY CAMERON Jane Todd Lana Mihelcic Melody Dickinson emma hansen Divesh Singh Gillian Fricker Calum MacLeod John Leith stubacca raeburn Scott Pinfold-Woodcock Ally Imrie Roger Pierce Justine Lambert Monica Mulholland Leron Gittens-Arnold Kylie Sharp Jen-Ni Quante Kellye Nelson Cole Jenkins Lexi Rosemoore Tanya Millar Theresa Swain Jo Black Jolene Black Dean Swain Brenna Black Lucy Glover Brendan McLeay Ricky Zhao Wang Aaron Ravenwood Robyn Taylor Ashton Leon Kumar Hannah Penhlis Kirstin Te Wao Taylor Sallan Darren Mendonsa shion F K Chris Kolston Carol-Ann Hiku Joshua Rowe Cheryl Bainon Milly Wade Laura Palmieri Stevy Taylor Jen Conway Scott Kennedy Teresa Wallace Thais Patino Araxi Mavridis Jodie Wild Kylie Hogan hannah c. Amy Jolly Petr Seda Aaron Fleming Hannah Copeland Savannah Welsh Samantha O'Brien Jessie Barrow-McAlister Tony Verheyen Caitlin Harris Xaviere Murray-Puhara Emma Alderson Nigel Wilson Johan Hendrik Vermeer Sus Redstone Laura Munson Francesca Achterberg Geoff O'Malley Zoe Bowman Sinead Kirwan Ashleigh Morris Steve Aughney Chantelle Bannerman Richie Woodford Jess Cummings Ryan King Carolyn Le Mon Helen Anderson Tasha Hill Summer Turnbull Sara Bernasconi Peter Simons Benjamin Moorhouse SUNNY SKY Annie Buscemi Bianca Crichton Rachael Bell Ben Fantasia Nigel Gray Jay Register Orepa Mamea Campbell Parker Matt Hargreaves Charlie Laumatia Scout Paynter Samuel Zhan Casey Oxenham Emily Fleniken Amy Wallace Hayden Boyce Greg Seaward-Searle Scott Cole Roger Seaward-Searle Lee Miller Corey Kingsbury Jakob Schmid Coco Ding Corinna Goepfert Eva Stroehlein Libby Hay Gerogia Haywood Elyse Maywald Jackson Whitman Lewis Rowe Cameron Tebbutt Joel Green Sara Krasevec Harry Vickers Kita Mean Josia Suvu Treena Ward Sarah Jenkins Mason Andrews Trissia Helms Ben Wass Forianne Vailliere Nicole Cosmann Adam Membey Felix Clook Bayley Czepanski Sarah Taia Daniel Borrowman ashley Lonergan Jemma Dorward MacKenzi Drain Reuben Burke Alan Granville Adam Cox Courtney West India Birch Akash Mishra David Dewhurst Natasha Strong Rawiri Te Hurinui - Haumaha Brad Poulter Kevin Sharpe Jo Denvir Mary Haddock-Staniland Jo Stevenson Matt Jackson Kylie Telford

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