Pride Pledge
Pride Pledge


Newmarket Pride Pledge Community - newly signed up and currently under construction.

The Newmarket Business Association has signed up the local Newmarket Community as a Pride Pledge Community. We are currently in the process of launching our community drive for individual businesses to take The Pride Pledge and sign up, so watch this space.

The Newmarket Business Association (NBA) came into existence in 1937. In the early days business owners and residents formed the committee to represent members and report to the local Borough Council. Representatives would attend Council meetings and share members’ concerns as it pushed for change or defended local rights.

After amalgamation into Auckland City in 1989 the Business Association governance continued to be driven by a group of committed people who were determined to ensure Newmarket’s voice was heard …. all giving their time voluntarily. Today the Newmarket Business Association is lead by Chief Executive Mark Knoff-Thomas, funded under The Auckland City BID Programme is a partnership model. This offers the best chance of achieving positive business and economic outcome of business districts, and also offers opportunities to continue to push for positive change, just like at Newmarket's founding.

Today, Newmarket bills itself as Auckland's premiere fashion, shopping and entertainment district.

Subscribed Organisations - sign-up to be launched mid 2019

If you are in Auckland and in the Newmarket area, please remember to support those who support us. We will be populating this section with supporting businesses and organisations as we roll out sign-up in mid-2019.

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