We offer two rainbow awareness training courses:

  • Rainbow Awareness Training (101) 
  • Trans Awareness Training


Our Rainbow Awareness Training (101) includes informative workshops designed to support organisations and individuals who are wishing to improve their understanding of LGBTTQIA + people and the rainbow communities to which they belong.

The sessions are available either as an online course (great for you to access at your own time and at your own pace) or as live sessions which can be customised for specific groups or organisations.

Rainbow Awareness Training is suitable for anyone wanting to become a better ally, but particularly for those in a professional setting. These live sessions are usually 2 hours long and include a Q & A session or can be done as an online course at a learners own pace.

Our Trans Awareness Training is designed as a building block on top of the Rainbow Awareness (101) training. Although there is some content overlap, it is assumed that participants will have done the 101 module before taking part in the Trans Awareness course.

These sessions are run by Pride Pledge Director Martin King, a diversity leader with over 20 years experience in Human Resources or team member George Fowler, Senior Gender Diversity Consultant.

LIVE online Training SESSIONS (FREE)

Every month, Marty and the Pride Pledge team are hosting completely free online Rainbow Awareness Training workshops. They are scheduled on Wednesdays, 10.30am – 12pm, hosted on Microsoft Teams.
This online training is free for all Pride Pledge supporters and organisations to attend. If you’re already a supporter, head to Humanitix to register your attendance.
For organisations interested in taking the Pledge, but yet to sign up, you’re welcome to send one member of your workplace along for free to scope it out. 


A custom in-house training session (or series of sessions) is a great option if you’d like:

  • a private workshop, open only to your employees
  • us to come to you. We’re happy to host our workplace in your city and/or at your place of work. (Virtual options are, of course, also available.)
  • a session customised to topics relevant specifically to your industry
  • a session customised to topics relevant to your employees, your workplace or your in-house culture. 

These workshops range in price dependant on location, time, extra services and other factors. But we do have some standard rates below. For a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

our online course

Our Online Rainbow Awareness Course is now live. This is a great option if you need a flexible time to do the course from home or work or have a large number of employees or if scheduling a time for all your employees to attend a live workshop is tricky. The course has twelve video modules, each followed by a short quiz to gauge engagement and learning. Get in touch if this option might suit you best.

Introduction video of our Online Rainbow Awareness Course with Martin King (he/him) and George Fowler (he/him).

Examples of slides from our Rainbow Awareness 101 Presentation

What Our Clients Say

"We ensure we have a (Pride Pledge) training session every year … The values of the Pride Pledge aren’t a tick box process for us here at RealNZ, they are engrained customs which we practice every day. RealNZ loves working with Martin and the team and we salute the impressive work they have been doing within Queenstown and NZ."
Queenstown Activities & Attractions
"The Pride Pledge training initiated great korero about how we can (and will) continue to improve our inclusivity in our everyday practice in and out of the workplace. The teams thoroughly enjoyed the safe space created to share knowledge and personal stories. Overall, the training was engaging and informative, thank you!"
Olivia Bloom
Family Action
"For companies that are thinking about taking the Pride Pledge, I’d strongly recommend it. With diversity comes strength and engagement, your employees are happier, they can be their true selves, and your customers, if they feel truly welcome, then they’ll become your greatest advocates."
Etienne Raubenheimer
Transport Manager, NZ Ski LTD
"Personally, your session has made a positive impact on my life. My son had his 15th birthday over the weekend. Him and his mates were hanging out ... my husband made a comment about how they would act differently if there were girls in the room. I gently suggested that the ‘boys’ might be gender and sexually diverse. And boom! The conversation blew wide open and my son’s friends openly expressed how they identified. It was a beautiful moment ... It was a really fun moment filled with curiosity and I got to see first hand the difference of developing our literacy in this area. So, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU...!"
Executive Director, of Aotearoa based family support service.
"I attended your Rainbow Awareness training session this morning and just wanted to tell you how fabulous I thought it was! Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for giving just a small snippet of your time to help others to understand just a little bit more about the rainbow community ... Thank you again for an incredible session. Right here, you’ve got an ally who is definitely standing up and speaking up for the entire rainbow whānau #loveforall "
Rainbow Awareness Training attendee 2021 Anonymous for personal reasons

Rainbow Awareness Training Rates

online training rates

Please note that this rate is for our standard 2 hour 101 session. 

in-person training rates

 Please note that these rates are exclusive of any travel or accommodation costs, if needed. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. 

If you wish to book two or more sessions, a package discount is available depending on the circumstances.

Rates which require overnight stays outside of Auckland or travel out of Auckland vary from those listed here. 


 If you are buying access for individuals, access will be provided immediately and automatically. For group deals, our team will need to process individual access codes for your employees which may take several business days. 


Are you a Not-For-Profit?

NFPs receive a 15% discount on all Pride Pledge services. 

It’s completely free, or discounted, for not-for-profits to sign on as Pride Pledge members. This arrangement depends on organisation size, situation and level of funding. To discuss a custom subscription rate for your organisation, and to arrange your discount, please get in touch.