Pride Pledge Visibility Assets

Visibility is vital.

Exhibiting your inclusive values visually shows to the public that your organisation is a safe space, and that all people are included and celebrated.

These gestures might seem small, but they make a big difference in helping your staff, visitors and customers feel welcome and supported. 

Visibility is one of the core values of Pride Pledge – to assist businesses to not just adopt inclusive and diverse policies, but also to display that pride boldly all year round, not just in pride season. 

When you sign up as a Pride Pledge subscriber, you receive both digital and physical assets to display your commitment both online and in-person. More on our visibility assets below. 

Make your values visible and sign up to Pride Pledge today. 


After you’ve taken the pledge, you’ll receive in the mail;

  • A certificate: personalised for your organisation, stating you’ve taken the Pledge. This is to be displayed anywhere visible, above your reception or at the back of your bar. They look great framed!
  • Pride Pledge Stickers: to be displayed on the doors, windows or front desk of your site, anywhere visible. We also recommend displaying these in your staff rooms or meeting areas.

We want you to be able to show your pride wherever your organisation has locations so let us know in your application how many stickers and certificates you need and we’d be happy to provide them for free. 

Similarly, if your stickers or certificates are vandalised, we are always more than happy to replace them for free. 


We provide our subscribers with pride graphics to be used across your business, staff, clients, customers, internally and externally – really, however works best for you. You can display your digital graphics on your;

These graphics come with a detailed usage guide and FAQ to help you make the most out of these assets. 

Our Gold subscribers receive digital assets augmented with a gold badge to denote their extra commitment and contribution. 



For a limited time, Pride Pledge is selling Pride Progress flags, as we have many left over from our 2021 Winter Pride Festival which sadly couldn’t go ahead due to Covid-19. 

These are not available as part of our standard sign up pack, but we highly recommend adding these flags into your organisation’s visibility package. Nothing says bright and proud better than a flag! 

And remember, wherever you get your flag from, make sure to give it an iron before displaying it! (Unlike Marty in the picture on the left!) Nobody likes a creased pride flag, fresh out of the packaging. Show you care, and give it a press before hanging it up. 

Are you loud enough?

We’d love to help you show your pride and values prominently in your organisation. Please get in touch if you’d like extra flags, stickers or certificates to brighten up your workplace!